March 11, 2024

(E)Mission: Zero

Towards zero-emission mobility in European cities


We know that we need to dramatically reduce emissions from transport in cities, fast. But how can cities do this, and which measures are the most effective?

In order to better understand how the switch to cleaner transport could be implemented in cities within a relatively short time frame, we commissioned TRT Trasporti e Territorio to undertake a high-level modelling study in five cities – Brussels, Madrid, Greater Manchester, Milan, and Warsaw. 

Short story: The greater the ambition, the greater the results. All modelled scenarios lead to significant greenhouse gas reductions by 2030, but only the most ambitious scenario, achieves more than a reduction above 90%. 

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Download our full briefing on the policy measures that would allow these five cities to achieve zero-emission transport. To find the full results, analysis and research methodology, keep scrolling.

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Greater Manchester



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