what we do

We aim to spark a healthy competition between Europe’s city leaders to go further and faster in the race to transition to zero-emission mobility by 2030. We draw on the experience of our network of over 70 NGOs and campaigning grassroots groups across Europe, while supporting their work and helping to amplify their voices.

Our work

We are shifting the narrative away from acceptance of the dominance of the car in our urban spaces, to a vision of the healthier, safer cities of the future. We produce rankings and analysis and engage in media and social media debates about the best design and implementation of the following urban policies:

Low- and zero-emission zones

Low-emission zones restrict entry to the most polluting diesel and petrol vehicles (or ICE - internal combustion engine), and zero-emission zones are only open to zero-emission electric vehicles. These policies help to reduce air pollution, and can also reduce road traffic overall and boost the local economy. Our recent research on low-emission zones found that there are now 320 of them across Europe, an increase of 40% since 2019!
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School Streets

School Streets are accessible spaces around schools where walking and cycling is prioritised over motor vehicles at drop-off and pick-up times. They provide immediate health benefits for children, through the reduction of air pollution in the vicinity of the school, where they spend a big part of their day, and encourage families to switch from driving to walking, cycling or public transport. Through our Streets For Kids campaign, we are mobilising parents, teachers and grassroots groups to ask for a School Street in front of every school across European cities.
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