#THISisawkward is back!

Last year your contributions helped to slash the waitlist for cycle hangers in london, and now we need your help again to go even further.

Thousands of bikes are stolen in London every year – and often that means someone losing a piece of their world. Bike theft is more than a petty crime; it’s heartache for those who rely on their bikes to get to work, school or go to the shops.

All of us who have had our bikes stolen know what it feels like.

We need to work together to ensure safe, secure and affordable bike storage options are made available.

This is where you come in...

We’re asking people to send us a photo of their stolen bike, along with a few words (or even a poem or haiku) about what it meant to them.

We want to commemorate your lost rides, and tell the story of human loss behind bike theft.

Please send your contributions to info@cleancitiescampaign.org along with your name and the borough you live in by Friday 10th November.

Help us make sure your old friends are never forgotten, and future friends are kept safe

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