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Brussels car-free day 2021, Quentin Guyot / Clean Cities Campaign Blog
Car-free days: Not just a one-off
National and Local Coordinator, France
Summer holiday traffic jam Press releases
Holiday drivers face growing pollution barriers
Low-emission zones - projections in Europe Briefings
The development trends of low- and zero-emission zones in Europe
Low-emission / Unwelt Zone sign Briefings
The 7 steps to create effective low-emission zones
Press releases
Secondo uno studio di Clean Cities, in Europa crescono le zone a basse emissioni. Ma l’Italia fa eccezione
Press releases
En Europe, les villes s’attaquent à la pollution de l’air – nouveau rapport
Press releases
Steden in heel Europa pakken luchtverontreiniging aan – nieuw rapport
Warsaw buses, credit: Adam Borkowski/Unsplash Vacancy
National and Local Coordinator, Poland
Traffic congestion in a city Statement
Clean Cities su Bologna: “Bene Area Verde, purché sia equa e discussa con tutti”
Metro Gran Via, Madrid. Eduardo Rodriguez / Unsplash Blog
Recortes en el metro de Madrid: un nuevo paso en la dirección equivocada
Press releases
New analysis: illegal air pollution recorded across Greater London in 2021
Aerial view of Manchester, Unsplash Press releases
Media reaction: “A proper Clean Air Zone would help to level up Manchester”
Blue sky bubble, Marc Sendra Martorell / Unsplash Blog
How citizen science is helping to clean up the air in our cities
How ready are Europe’s cities for zero-emission transport? – The EU Green Week
Fuel tax cuts infographic, Clean Cities Campaign Briefings
The smarter route towards oil independence: Effective and affordable alternatives to fuel tax cuts
Brussels car-free day 2021, Quentin Guyot Press releases
300 million monthly public transport passes or 194 million discounted bicycles for the price of fuel subsidies, new study finds
Smog over Paris - Anna Hunko / Unsplash Blog
Zooming in on cities’ thirst for oil
Paula Siqueira, The School Jam in Brent, #StreetsForKids Press releases
Parents find ‘school run’ three times more stressful than work meeting as Londoners launch Europe-wide School Streets Campaign
Beneficios de calles abiertas Press releases
Niñas y niños de toda Europa reclaman ‘Calles abiertas para la infancia’
Press releases
European children are showing the continent how to reduce its emissions and reliance on Russian oil
Scooting, Rome Briefings
School Streets to shape child-friendly cities
Press releases
Sales of new diesel cars plummet as campaigners call for ‘The End of Diesel Fumes’
#ThisIsAwkward billboard highlighting costs of cycle hangars, Islington Press releases
Cycle parking in London costs a family nearly 5 times as much as car parking
Traffic congestion in a city Blog
Weaning Europe off oil: Where do cities come in?
Press releases
Campaigners celebrate End of Diesel with poster campaign launch and plea to phase out diesel cars
Press releases
Zonas de Bajas Emisiones: La Justicia pone en peligro la lucha contra contaminacion del aire en Barcelona
Map France, spotlight on Lyon Blog
Four French cities prepare to ditch diesel – who’s next?
#ThisIsAwkward social media submissions Press releases
Londoners share awkward places they store bikes as waiting list for secure hangars tops 60,000
#CleanAirWins: Bikes, buses and bye to diesel. London 2022 candidates, will you step up?
Infographic: Diesel cars Vs trucks and lorries Press releases
Diesel cars in London cause three times as much pollution as trucks and lorries
Cow milk Blog
Benefits of car sharing: Would you buy a cow to drink a glass of milk each morning?
Decreto caro-bollette. Cicloattivisti e ambientalisti: “Gli 8 miliardi per automotive siano destinati a transizione verso mobilità a zero emissioni”
City Ranking - Italian cities Press releases
Covid e transizione ecologica, occasione persa: le città italiane non sono diventate più green
Press releases
Not even close: New study finds European cities are failing to build a cleaner future
Press releases
London outlines action needed to meet clean air and climate targets
Christmas wishes do come true: Low emission zones to finally come to Polish cities
Why fewer (polluting) cars in cities are good news for local shops – Briefing
Press releases
Fewer cars on the road can boost Christmas sales
Press releases
“Help cities shift to zero-emission mobility”, Clean Cities and T&E tell the EU Commission
Ultra-low emission zone sign, London Blog
4 concrete ways low emission zones benefit us
Press releases
Londoners ditch dirty diesel ahead of ULEZ expansion
Brussels car-free day Blog
How car-free days can spark joy and long-term change
Press releases
New WHO air pollution guidelines are a wake-up call for city leaders
Summer Streets Project, Brussels. Photo by Ivan Put for Filtre Cafe Filtre Blog
Starting the new school year on the right lung
Presentation of the Clean Cities Campaign, European Commission. July 2021. Blog
Thousands of Europeans demand an end to fossil fuelled cars and vans by 2030. Will the European Commission listen to them?
Paris Blog
Paris takes bold action on clean air. Now it needs to be effective and fair
Madrid. Blog
Madrid, don’t turn the clock back on clean air
Will Poland’s e-mobility law set the ground for a LEZ in Warsaw?
Brussels authorities tighten LEZ after 2025: good news but all polluting vehicles should be phased out by 2030
Milan Blog
Milan finally reopens its LEZs but 50 euros a year will buy you a carte blanche for polluting
Press releases
The Spanish government must make low emission zones big enough to stop pollution shifting to other parts of cities
Brussels bikes Press releases
NGOs call for banning all fossil-fuelled vehicles in Brussels by 2030 at the latest
Press releases
42 million Spaniards breathed toxic air last year despite drop in air pollution
What European city-dwellers want from their mayors post-Covid – Survey
Press releases
Big majority in cities want mayors to prioritise clean transport, greenery and better air quality – Survey