Benefits of car sharing: Would you buy a cow to drink a glass of milk each morning?

Cow milk

This blog on car sharing was written by our partners in Hungary, Levegő Munkacsoport (the Clean Air Action Group).

Owning a car for private use is like owning a cow to drink a glass of milk every morning – expensive and inefficient.

You don’t agree? Let’s do the maths!

On average, one cow produces 17 litres of milk each day, whilst an average person can typically consume a maximum of two to three glasses (around 0.4-0.6 litres) of it. Let’s assume that this person doesn’t live alone, but is part of a five-person household. Even if everyone in that household drinks three glasses of milk each day, the consumption would reach a maximum of just three litres per day. That’s less than 18% of the total milk produced by a single cow.

Also, a cow doesn’t just appear out of nowhere: You first have to pay for it. The cow needs food to eat, water to drink, a place to sleep, and produces waste and gases which need to be taken care of. Sometimes your cow may get sick and require extra care. By the time the cow gets older, and this care starts to be more expensive, the production rate significantly drops up until the point when it is not performing any more…and you need to get a new cow.

A cow produces milk every day, and if it cannot be consumed, then it is the best to share it.

Don’t you think that the situation is the same with cars?

To have your own car, you need to buy it, fill it up, find parking places for it and fix it when it breaks down. It also produces waste and gases which need to be taken care of. And, over time, your car becomes more and more obsolete. On top of this, the average car is moving just 4% of the time. The other 96% of the time it’s just standing still without any use.

So, why spend so much time and money if you can share the costs? Instead of keeping a cow, you can just go to the shops and get the amount of milk you need – perform a “cow sharing”, so to speak. Similarly, instead of keeping a car, you can use the service for the time you need. Use car sharing!

There are many advantages to using car sharing…

  • You can always use a car without spending as much money. In most cases, it is much cheaper than having your own car. This makes sense because, on average, multiple people could use car-sharing at a given time, with costs distributed amongst them
  • No need to worry as much about parking: You can park a car sharing vehicle almost anywhere in its service zones and, in many cities, this is free
  • No need to worry about maintenance and repair: the car sharing company will do all this for you!
  • No need to worry that your car gets stolen
  • The service is easy to use – at the tap of a button you can find and open up a car
  • There is no chance that you are going to leave your car keys somewhere where you can’t find them
  • In many cities, there is already a big assortment of car sharing cars available. You can use smaller ones if you are alone and big ones if you are with your family or going on a big shopping trip
  • Newer (less polluting) models are on offer, and you can give electric cars a go as well
  • Car sharing also has great advantages also for your city: One car sharing car can replace up to 8 privately owned cars. That means fewer parking spaces and much more city space which can be used for green spaces, as well as space for cycling, walking and relaxing.

By using car sharing, you improve the quality of life for yourself and everyone else – and its easier on our climate as well! It’s a great service, and we encourage you to use it.


András LUKÁCS | President of Levegő Munkacsoport / the Clean Air Action Group |

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